Is IVFAdvantage Right for You?

The following are criteria for participating in the IVFAdvantage  Multi-cycle Discount Program:

  1. You must be eligible for IVF treatment, as evidenced by a fertility workup.
  2. You must be a self-paying patient who can provide payment in full prior to the start of your first IVF cycle.
  3. You must use a doctor at a participating IVFAdvantage clinic.

If you meet the above criteria, let’s get started:

  1. Contact IVFAdvantage by calling a Patient Care Advocate at 855-996-7293 or by or submitting a form for more information.
  2. Apply for approval with the fertility clinic where you plan on being treated. If you need help finding a fertility doctor, we’re here for that too. Call 855-996-7293.
  3. When you are accepted for IVF treatment, make one payment to cover the expenses of cycling multiple times – 2 fresh cycles and 2 frozen cycles.
  4. The package price you’ll pay typically represents a 40% savings over what you’d pay the practice for the four cycles.
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