IVF-Related Costs

Although the average cost of one IVF cycle is $12,400, there are a number of additional IVF-related costs* to consider:

  • Fertility Drugs. The costs of fertility drugs average approximately $4,000 per fresh IVF cycle and $2,500 per frozen embryo transfer cycle, but may be higher or lower depending on your particular situation.
  • ICSI. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a procedure where one sperm is injected directly into one egg. It is used when severe male factor infertility is present or when previous IVF cycles have failed.
  • Assisted hatching. This process may be helpful when embryos are of poor quality and may lack sufficient energy to complete the hatching process, such as women over 38, and for women who have failed multiple IVF cycle.
  • Genetic testing such as PGD or PGS. Genetic testing is used when the woman or couple is at risk of passing on a genetic disease to their offspring, or following multiple miscarriages or multiple failed IVF cycles.
  • Third party reproduction.  Use of donor eggs, donor sperm, donor embryos and gestational surrogacy add additional costs to the IVF cycle.
  • Embryo freezing. Excess embryos are generally created during an IVF cycle, and can be frozen or cryopreserved for use in a subsequent IVF cycle.

* If you apply for financing, the loan amount you apply for can also cover these additional expenses.

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