IVF Costs

The cost of IVF varies by clinic, oftentimes making it difficult to judge the extent of your out of pocket costs prior to treatment. IVFAdvantage works to provide you with bundled options to give you a one-price package plan to cover you throughout your plan. The only costs not included in IVFAdvantage pricing are your anesthesia and medication, oftentimes covered by insurance even when fertility coverage is not provided or has been exhausted.

Data shows that the average woman or couple receives 3.6 IVF cycles before having a baby. Based on these parameters, the costs of fertility treatment for a successful outcome (live birth) can average $61,377 for IVF, plus an additional $18,000 for fertility drugs.  IVFAdvantage, the only Custom IVF Treatment Plan Solution by patients for patients, offers up to 40% savings for treatment packages provided by IVFAdvantage network clinics. We believe cost and tranparency should not be barriers to having a baby. Through pre-purchasing IVFAdvantage treatment plans, you'll maximize your chance of success while receiving smart savings.

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