Frequently Asked Questions

What is IVFAdvantage?

IVFAdvantage is a  multi-cycle IVF treatment plan built to give you the greatest control over your treatment. With price transparency, you can easily compare costs across your clinic options, build in extra frozen embryo transfers or retrievals, cover monitoring or not, and more. We’ve undergone fertility treatment, and we don’t want cost to be the barrier that prevents you from doing IVF. We’ve done the homework to make your experience better.

What is the difference between a refund program and a multi-cycle program?

With an IVF refund program you generally pay for a set number of cycles and if you don’t get pregnant, you're given a partial refund. Refund programs self-select only patients that have a good chance of getting pregnant with IVF, so most applicants aren't even accepted into the program.  IVFAdvantage is available to all self-paying patients who are eligible for IVF treatment. There are no other restrictions.

Am I eligible for IVFAdvantage?

IVFAdvantage can help any self-paying IVF patient who has already exhausted their insurance coverage or is without insurance coverage, or is otherwise paying out of pocket for infertility treatment with one of our network providers, to save time and money. All self-paying patients whose physician has recommended IVF treatment and have the ability to pay are eligible.

May I switch clinics if my first or second cycles aren't successful?

IVFAdvantage Multi-Cycle Program is a package deal that has been leveraged with each participating clinic and based on their routine IVF services and fees.  Once the participant has started her first cycle, no clinic changes can be made.  Participants wishing to switch clinics prior to commencement of the first cycle can do so but may incur additional program fees. 

Are fertility drug prices included?

Like most financing or discount programs, the cost of fertility drugs is not included. Prices vary by patient need.

Does my doctor take IVFAdvantage?

Call our Patient Care Advocates at 855-996-7283 to learn more and discover whether your current doctor currently accepts IVFAdvantage.

Is there a guarantee for a successful pregnancy with IVFAdvantage's multi-cycle financing option?

We can't guarantee a pregnancy, but we can offer you a good chance at a reduced cost by securing multiple IVF attempts. Please refer to our information on IVF success rates.

If I use donor sperm, what are the additional costs?

The cost of using donor sperm varies by sperm bank and fertility clinic. The cost of donor sperm, including shipment to the fertility clinic, is not included in the program fee, but we can definitely work with you to provide pricing and talk through your options.

What if I don't think I'll need several IVF cycles? Can I get a refund if I only use one cycle with IVFAdvantage?

Once you have a live birth, the program is complete.  If you achieve success on the first cycle you will have paid more than if you had paid the clinic its fee for service.  However, if additional cycles are needed, you will likely have paid less. We do offer single IVF cycle plans, so pick what's right for you. Given your age and doctor recommendations, your best plan should be designed to best serve you.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. You can apply for a loan to cover your treatment plan as well as any other anticipated costs for medicine or travel.  Call us to talk about financing options, and bringing the savings to you. Start right away with $0 down and choose a term length that you're comfortable with.

How can I learn more or get started with IVFAdvantage?

Contact IVFAdvantage by calling a dedicated Patient Care Advocate at 855-996-7283 or by or submitting a form for more information.

See our downloadable IVFAdvantage FAQ document for additional insight.

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